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sustainable development

Our biggest contribution to sustainable development is in the infrastructure we create.  However, we recognise that is our responsibility to ensure that during the engineering process, we don’t compromise the quality of life for future generations.

sustainable engineering

Although sustainable development is defined in various ways, in simple terms it is about progress that does not damage the opportunities of future generations.  It centres round the need to allow economic development in a way that does not prevent future generations from meeting their needs.

sustainability – our vision

Our vision is to become a sustainable organisation.Sustainability defines the way we do business now and in the future. It is a commitment that ranges from believing in and living with our core values and being incident injury free through to the consistent delivery of effective environmental solutions and long-term prosperity for all our stakeholders.Fundamentally, we recognise the legacy of our activities; that we are accountable for:

what we take

what we create

what we leave behind

We have defined what sustainability means for us as a company and this helps to guide us towards realising our vision.

sustainability – our commitment & influence

We remain dedicated to creating more than just financial value through our operations; it is the vision upon which our company was originally built.

We recognise the potential impact of the services we deliver and we accept that being fully committed to sustainability means the consistent delivery of social, environmental and economic outcomes for our stakeholders.

As a result, to enable us to continue increasing the sustainability of our operations, we are committed to carefully evaluating and reporting the impact of the services we deliver through the most appropriate and relevant indicators. This includes giving consideration to environmental protection, social progress and economic growth, in a way that can guarantee protection of the environment whilst still promoting efficiency.

In being fully committed to sustainability, we recognise the importance of working together with our clients and stakeholders on sustainability issues. The principles on which we select our key suppliers and sub-contractors include careful evaluation of their own environmental beliefs and practices, and their commitment to sustainability.

Although our capacity to influence sustainable outcomes with our stakeholders varies, clearly our strongest level of influence is with our employees – how we structure, educate, inspire and reward our employees is crucial to influencing our clients and all other stakeholders.

Our normal activities already incorporate many aspects of good practice and contribute to sustainable development, and we ensure that sustainability is considered during planning, design, procurement and development of a project. Building on this and integrating it into all our activities will be critical to our future success.

We demonstrate our commitment to more environmentally sustainable practices through our Environmental Policy.