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As a company, we are fully committed to the aims and objectives of our Environmental Policy and the need to focus on sustainability, as we recognise that our day to day business activities will potentially have an impact on the environment.

We recognise the significant part we have to play in the protection of the environment – and that we have a corporate responsibility to our clients, stakeholders and employees to contribute to improving the environment in which we all live and work.

We are wholly committed to a policy of evaluating and reporting the impact of the services we deliver, and improving the sustainability of our business operations. This requires us to give careful consideration to environmental protection, social progress and economic growth, in a way that can guarantee protection of the environment whilst still promoting efficiency.

An integral part of our management processes is to promote sustainable development and the protection and improvement of the environment, by ensuring that effective management systems and practices, continuous improvement programmes and the reporting of direct and indirect environmental impacts are maintained. It is also essential that we control and minimise whenever and wherever possible, the environmental impact of our business operations, products and services.

Wherever possible, we promote the use of sustainable resources whilst we carry out our day to day business. We have adopted a holistic approach to waste reduction that encompasses the design, engineering and management processes of our organisation. Recycling has become an integral part of engineering management and it is standard practice for us to seek opportunities for recycling wherever practical


As an employer, we continually seek to:

  • ensure the effective management of resources to reduce our impact on the natural environment;
  • influence our design engineering processes to ensure effective selection and implementation of environmental materials and working methods;
  • integrate environmental management into training to encourage employees’ environmental awareness and appreciation;
  • encourage the participation of all our clients and other stakeholders in our environmental policies and objectives, and encourage them to adopt the principles of sustainability; and,
  • continue to review our objectives and improve our performance.

Although not exhaustive, the key areas that we consider integral in achieving our objectives are:

  • to seek to prevent pollution;
  • to seek to minimise waste;
  • to identify and manage environmental risks and hazards;
  • to influence working methods and the choice of materials and products to make efficient use of resources;
  • to set our own standards when none are in place;
  • to ensure that all applicable legislation, regulations and codes of practice are adhered to;
  • to meet or exceed all legal requirements
  • to provide a prompt response to government and other sponsored environmental initiatives;
  • to promote the achievement of environmental awards and accreditation; and,
  • to strive to achieve leading industry best practice.