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Our philosophy is that safety in the workplace is a basic human right. At SSSE, we take our responsibilities for OH&S extremely seriously.

We believe that caring for the safety, health and well-being of our employees and everyone affected by our activities are both critical and an integral part of our business performance. Our commitment to investing whatever it takes to prevent injury and ill-health, providing conditions that protect both individuals and property, endorsing a first class safety culture that leads to genuine performance improvements, are the crucial elements of our approach to managing safety.

We are fully committed to the aims and objectives of our OH&S Policy, as we recognise that we have a corporate responsibility to provide a working environment that is safe, healthy and free from health hazards for all our clients, stakeholders and employees and members of the general public. We ensure that appropriate resources, information and training are provided, to enable us to deliver our objectives safely and effectively, whilst continuing to meet our specific business practices.

We are committed to operating incident & injury free and, we maintain a zero tolerance of accidents regime whereve

we have a presence. Employees, sub-contractors and stakeholders who do not measure up to these standards will be scrutinised as to their suitability to work on our business.

OH&S plays an intrinsic role in all our business activities. Our safety culture means that all our employees accept individual responsibility for the health and safety of themselves and their colleagues. Notwithstanding the legal requirements, we believe this behaviour is fundamental to a safe working environment. Our approach, is to continually impress on all our employees and associated supply network that safety is the most important part of everything we do.

Our health and safety management systems are a key factor in our decision-making processes and are integral to ensuring that our business objectives and practices remain effective. We continue to measure our business performance and the impact on how and what we deliver, against the objectives set out within our OH&S Policy. This is reviewed on a regular basis, along with proposals for the continuous improvement of standards. We believe that compliance with legal requirements should only be regarded as the minimum standard that must be achieved.