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Our Philosophy

our philosophy

The Southern Stainless Steel Engineering name represents the solid foundations and core business ethics that we have always believed we should follow.
Our clearly defined Mission and Vision, together with a shared set of core values, are at the very heart of our principles. Continuing to work in collaboration with our clients and stakeholders and, believing in and living with our core values, will continue to differentiate us from our competitors.

The core values we actively subscribe to are adopted and promoted across our entire business. They underpin the way in which we conduct our business, interact with our clients and stakeholders and, operate as individuals or as a team.

Our values relate to our Code of Ethics and provide guidance for our employees in relation to the standards

that we expect as a company in the conduct of our business operations. This is crucial to maintaining and developing our reputation for being professional, pragmatic, reasonable, user-friendly and non-adversarial and, in providing the essential organisational attributes that will contribute to the sustainability and long-term successful growth of our business.
A philosophy based on teamwork and working collaboratively in partnership with our clients is embedded within the culture of our company, as is an ethos of integrity, respect, trust and partnering which is fundamental and the very cornerstone of our principles.

Our commitment is to consistently exceed expectations through outstanding customer care, customer satisfaction and the delivery of first class service and solutions, whilst thoroughly addressing safety requirements and maintaining a responsible approach to the environment

our mission & vision

Our Mission is to be a ‘leading provider of innovative, effective and sustainable engineering solutions’
Our Vision is to be a first choice contractor and employer for those who share our values

our ‘8’ core values


We strive for excellence in everything that we do. Evidenced, not only in the products, services and solutions we deliver, but in how we deliver them.  In every aspect of our business: excellence = zero incidents.


We think outside the box, we dare to do things differently, and we constantly strive to be innovative and creative. We listen to our clients, employees and all other stakeholders. We communicate clearly. We question the way things are done and we challenge in order to find the best solutions.


We lead by example. We have the vision to see the bigger picture and a clear idea of what we want to achieve, together with the ability to motivate and inspire.


We succeed through team effort and value the insight and views of others so that we deliver the most effective solutions. We share intellectual knowledge and skills to achieve excellence. We acknowledge the achievements of others. We instill a culture that does not seek to blame. We value and continuously invest in our employees


We are resourceful and adaptable in meeting the needs of our clients and our business. We ‘get on with it’, focussing on efficiency and results.


We are accountable for our decisions and our actions. We recognise that trust is at the foundation of relationships and that acting responsibly, ethically and safely creates that trust.


Integrity is non-negotiable. It is at the very the heart of our business.


We engender diversity. We have respect for all individuals; their ideas, their culture, their knowledge and their health and safety. We ensure our employees, clients and all other stakeholders are able to work safely and free from discrimination. We care passionately for our environment and the needs of others.