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Southern Stainless Steel Engineering (SSSE) is a proudly Australian, family owned and operated engineering company specialising in stainless steel, aluminium and mild steel fabrication.

Based in NSW’s Riverina town of HOWLONG, sheet metal fabrication has been our family business for over 60 years and Southern Stainless Steel Engineering has been established for over 15 years, which is why we are a highly respected ‘Stainless Steel Fabrication Specialist’; with an outstanding reputation as a leading provider of innovative, effective and sustainable engineering solutions.

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Operating Australia-wide within the commercial, industrial and retail sectors, we have a considerably diverse client-base:

  • Abattoirs
  • Food & Beverage
  • Catering
  • Wine
  • Dairy
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Marine

Through the implementation of proactive management processes and the use of cutting edge business tools and systems, we continually strive to maintain best business practice, integral to providing greater opportunities not only for our company but our stakeholders, supply chain, clients and professional partners.

Our core values: excellence, innovation, leadership, teamwork, flexibility, responsibility, integrity and respect – are fundamental to all our activities when offering our clients the best solutions to their needs.

Our commitment to transparent pricing proves we also offer best value.

Our commitment to providing outstanding service for all our clients is at the heart of everything we do.  The quality of service and product we deliver is achieved by working with our clients to ensure we fully understand and meet their needs and expectations:

  • providing high quality in-house resources;
  • providing ongoing training and development for our employees;
  • ensuring quality management systems that guarantee work is ‘right the first time’;
  • ensuring a safe environment for all;
  • maximising environmental assimilation;
  • ensuring work is delivered on time; and,
  • measuring and monitoring our performance so we continue to improve.

We believe we have created a winning formula for the delivery of sustainable solutions and best value for our clients, by combining the specific skills of our highly experienced team – who are all qualified professional tradesmen and who together, bring a vast wealth of experience to all our projects – with working together with our clients, to ensure we fully understand and meet their needs and expectations; this enables us to provide a successful solution to any problem and to complete all our projects to the very highest standard.

A good measure of our success is the high degree of work undertaken for repeat clients. We place great emphasis on the development of long-term client relationships and continually focus on improvement, to ensure these highly valued relationships remain firmly in place and continue to flourish.

Most importantly, the key to our success lies in the talent, commitment and professionalism of our team. As a company that seeks to be innovative and to set high standards of excellence, recruiting and retaining the right people is paramount.

our people

We firmly believe that our people are our most valuable asset, our greatest responsibility is safety and training and that a well-trained workforce is fundamental to the delivery of quality services and solutions.
Retention of employees is vital, and we continue to develop strategies to ensure we have a competent and motivated workforce who are willing to learn new skills and take on new responsibilities.

In order to gain real commitment, we recognise the importance of engaging and empowering our employees with responsibility and accountability, as well as making them feel valued. We believe that a competent and motivated workforce is maintained by:

  • providing a dynamic and supportive work environment where people can continue to develop to their full potential;
  • rewarding in recognition of good performance;
  • encouragement and scope for creativity and innovation;
  • first class training and development opportunities for planned career progression
  • incentives for continuous improvement; and,
  • engendering team spirit.

As a company that seeks to be innovative and to set high standards of excellence, recruiting and retaining the right people is paramount. The key to our success lies in the talent, commitment and professionalism of our employees. The fact that our employees remain with us for longer than average in our industry is testament to our approach and principles.

As well as a thorough understanding of our industry, everyone at SSSE shares a commitment to making a real difference for our clients. We actively encourage our people to work collaboratively with each other, with our stakeholders and, of course, with our clients. We strongly promote an open, positive and customer-oriented culture, that is backed by investment in the development of the

technical and professional skills that are required to guarantee the delivery of a first rate service.

As an equal opportunities employer, we have a longstanding commitment to equal opportunity for all our employees, employing a workforce that reflects the diverse community at large, and we pride ourselves on being an company that:

  • respects and values the contributions of people with differing skill-sets, cultures and backgrounds;
  • that supports the fundamental human rights of employees, clients, all other stakeholders and the communities in which we operate
  • respects the traditional rights of indigenous peoples; and
  • cares for the environment and values cultural heritage.

We operate an Equal Employment Opportunity Policy, the aim of which ensures that no employee receives any unfavourable treatment, prejudice or discrimination or is subjected to harassment on the grounds of race, sex, colour, marital status, nationality, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, responsibility for dependants, age, trade union activity or is disadvantaged by conditions or requirements which cannot be shown to be objectively justified. Discrimination or harassment of any kind is totally inconsistent with our philosophy and we are resolutely committed to our principles.

As well as being fair to all concerned within our company, our approach obviously makes good business sense in terms of maintaining our clients’ confidence in our professionalism and integrity, which is far too important to be put at risk by inappropriate behaviour.

Our business is built on the skills and dedication of our invaluable workforce and therefore, we are committed to ensuring significant investment is provided in their training and development.

‘At SSSE, it’s our people that make the difference’